On-Demand Webinar

Developing Validated Digital Clinical Endpoints with Wearable Sensors


In this webinar, ActiGraph’s Jeremy Wyatt is joined by Job Godino, PhD, to discuss key challenges and opportunities around the validation of digital clinical endpoints captured with wearable sensors, addressing both historic data interpretation methods and the ways in which these may change in the future:

  • Validation of a wearable device versus validation of a digital endpoint
  • Practical advice for sponsors during the study pre-planning process
  • Leveraging work that has already been carried out by the academic research community
  • Extracting novel, meaningful information from wearables using machine learning (ML)


Presented by:

  • Jeremy Wyatt, CEO
  • Job Godino, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego


Duration: 45 minutes

Watch the on-demand webinar