On-Demand Webinar

Navigating the Journey Towards
"Future-Proof" Clinical Data Assets

As the digital transformation of clinical research and the adoption of decentralized clinical trials continue to gain momentum, sponsors are increasingly using wearable motion-sensing technologies to capture real-world digital biomarker data. In exchange for the valuable insights into treatment efficacy and quality of life they provide, successful wearable technology deployments require a significant investment of time and resources from clinical trial sponsors, their partners, and the patients they serve. By leveraging a sensor platform that collects and provides access to “future-proof” raw source data, sponsors can generate reusable clinical data assets that maintain their value over time, even as sophisticated analytic techniques and novel algorithms emerge.

During this educational webinar hosted by Xtalks, data experts from ActiGraph and Koneksa present a roadmap to help clinical trial sponsors and their partners design and implement a “future-proof” raw data strategy to maximize the long-term value of digital biomarker data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding key differences between raw and processed biosensor data
  • A retrospective look at why raw data is so valuable
  • Factors that influence the integrity of raw data and how to plan for them
  • Key operational considerations around remote data capture

Webinar Panelists:

Jeremy Wyatt
Tyler Guthrie
Robert Ellis
Jeremy Wyatt
Tyler Guthrie
Lead of Scientific Affairs and Data Management
Robert Ellis, Ph.D.
Head of Data Science

Duration: 1 Hour