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Wearable Data Gone Awry:

Cautionary Tales from the Clinical Research Trenches

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Wearable technologies deliver valuable clinical insights, and they also introduce new layers of complexity and risk for study design and clinical operations teams. Selecting a wearable technology that is well-aligned with your study population, endpoints of interest, and trial design is the first step in optimizing the quality of your data. Even after a technology solution has been carefully vetted, factors like missing data, data outliers, firmware updates, and poor participant compliance can threaten the integrity of your most valuable clinical asset - the data.

During this on-demand fireside chat, industry data experts from ActiGraph, VivoSense, and Elektra Labs share cautionary tales of data collection gone awry and how the teams found creative solutions for the problems at hand. Panelists discuss real life examples of data collection efforts that missed the mark and how proactive clinops teams were able to “rescue” at-risk wearable sensor data. Most importantly, panelists provide strategies, tools, and guidance to help your clinical teams avoid common missteps in the first place.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data issues can result from improper signal processing as well as the myriad of other often misunderstood components of remote patient monitoring
  • What lessons can we learn from our past failures in remote patient monitoring?
  • What are some of the less obvious roadblocks to watch out for when planning a study?
  • How to ‘rescue’ wearable sensor data from a problematic data collection effort?

Duration: 1 Hour

Discussion Panelists

Jeremy Wyatt
Jeremy Wyatt
Kate Lyden, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Andy Coravos
Andy Coravos
Co-founder and CEO
Elektra Labs
Shyamal Patel
Shyamal Patel
Head of Digital Measures
Elektra Labs