ActiGraph WhitePaper: Overcoming Barriers to Adoption and Strategies for Successful Technology Implementation

Actigraphy Monitoring Wearables in Clinical Trials: Overcoming Barriers to Adoption & Strategies for Successful Technology Implementation

New and emerging digital technologies offer clinical trial sponsors an unprecedented opportunity to capture a wide variety of real-world, patient-generated data. One of the more prevalent tools within this rapidly evolving mHealth ecosystem are medical-grade wearable actigraphy monitoring systems, which are increasingly being used in clinical trials to collect objective physical activity and sleep-related patient outcomes.

In this white paper, ActiGraph experts discuss several common perceived barriers to actigraphy adoption and identify strategies to help sponsors develop a successful technology implementation plan and navigate the common challenges that can derail any mHealth data collection initiative, including:

  • Data quality and meaningful interpretation
  • Adoption costs and uncertain ROI
  • Increased study complexity
  • Regulatory concerns
  • Patient adherence and burden


  • Jeremy Wyatt, CEO, ActiGraph
  • Genevieve Baley, Head of Marketing, ActiGraph